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Nowadays we run against the clock! between work, duties; we don't have enough time for anything else...

Even if we have apps that make our life easier, we have to use many different ones just to get a task done. iUbo is the "real time assistant" for your daily tasks; iUbo is your personal assistant that helps simplify your options, making life better.

iUbo enables individuals to attend, take and complete tasks for others, connect no matter where you are or what you're doing. Need help? Just tap it!


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Need help? Just tap it!  #YourWishesOnDemand

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Need help? Just tap it!

Create any task by telling iUbo what you need. Just mention what, where and when you need it done.

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Create new task

When creating a new task, you may add additional information that will assist us in serving you.

In addition you will be asked to suggest the offer you are willing to pay. Your payment is securely held with iUbo until the task is completed.

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Get it done!

Feel free to share any documents and pictures that will assist your iUbo in completing your task.

Stay connected using out real-time messaging system and tracking task progress